Healthy Balance, LLC



Class Packages
 Includes (Barre, Yoga, Tabata Bootcamp, Balanced Yo Chi)
HB Member

15 small group classes per month 
 $50 Monthly Auto Pay 
 Loyalty Pass
 All small group classes
$60 for 10 classes (expiry 3 months)
Pilates Memberships
Balanced Wellness Package
$190 Monthlly autopay only

 55 minute 
group session
2 Pilates sessions per week plus with 30 group classes
Balanced Pilates Package
$150 Monthly Auto Pay
  55 minute 
group session
2 Pilates sessions per week
Pilates Session Drop in pass
$120 - 5 sessions (expiry 60 days)
$210 10 sessions (expiry 90 days)
 55 minute drop in availability
Pilates session drop in  (Must complete intro to Pilates)
 Each private or duet session is specially designed for your body with your goals in mind.
 "Try us out"
 Initial Private Pilates Session - 30 minutes
 Intro to Pilates
 Required before entering a group Pilates Class
  $99 3 sessions
Introductory Private Session
 In Studio, this session will familiarize you with the Pilates equipment classes - 1 hour session with body assessment
 $65 per session
Private Pilates Session
 In Studio - 45 minute sessions
 $50 per session
 Private Package
 Three 45 minute Private sessions 
 $120 package
 Duet Pilates Session
In Studio - 2 clients for a specialized Pilates Equipment Session 
1 hour
 $80 per session
Private MOTR sessions:  
Drop in Fee
 Private or group sessions of 4 clients
 Series of 4 session
 Individual private sessions scheduled at your convenience
Drop In Fees
Drop in fees -includes bootcamp 
  space availability - reserve online or via the MINDBODY app
First time Guest Pass
  expires 1 month from purchase date